“Members of the learned caste or priestly profession in Celtic and early Irish culture. The word ‘druid’ is probably derived form the Celtic dru-wid, which would have meant ‘very knowledgeable’. The Greek and Latin writers attest to the importance of the druids among the Celtic Gauls. They were at the centre of society, making decisions on matters of tradition, custom and law and also on general questions concerning nature and human life.”

– Dáithí Ó hÓgáin

“Becoming a Druid is a life-long task. Indeed, many say that the work of being a Druid is a constant process of becoming, of reaching the archetype of strength, wisdom, clarity, invulnerability, and gentle humanity, together with an understanding of nature at its rawest edges. We stretch through our souls the essence of life, to the spirit that vitalizes, to the gods that empower us, in search of inspiration.

– Emma Restall Orr