About Us

“I am the wind on the sea; I am the wave of the sea; I am the bull of seven battles; I am the eagle on the rockI am a flash from the sun; I am the most beautiful of plants; I am a strong wild boar; I am a salmon in the water; I am a lake in the plain; I am the word of knowledge; I am the head of the spear in battle; I am the god that puts fire in the head; Who spreads light in the gathering on the hills? Who can tell the ages of the moon? Who can tell the place where the sun rests?” -Amergin (Druid of the Tuatha De Danann)

We began as a small and humble facebook group passionate about Celtic culture, history and Druidry. We are a diverse group of artists, teachers, writers, healers, counselors, musicians and passionate community members. Our goal is to simply provide a free and easy outlet for likeminded followers of Druidry to connect and share knowledge. Our main members and organizers are members of OBOD and Irish Druid Network. If you’d like to be a guest blogger or be involved, just shoot us an email at discoverdruidry@gmail.com!

Disclaimer: Our pictures and content are public domain, creative commons or our own photography. Photo license: here. We credit when possible but sometimes the original has been shared so many times we’re incapable of finding the original. Other artwork is attributed with the author and links to their pages. We never charge for any posts, blogs or any type of advertising. Anything expressed on the blog or otherwise is done at our own accord.