The whole world is a miraculous blessing; if a child can see this simple truth, then the man or woman who cannot is truly lost. Even so, the lost can be found and the child in all of us, although maybe silenced, can be found again.” – Luke Eastwood

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List of Druidry or Celtic Pagan groups from around the world.


Ireland’s Druid School

Irish Druid Network

Belfast: Belfast Seed Group

Kerry: Solas an Iarthair

Kilkenny: An Cuallacht De Danann

Northern Ireland: Grove of Danu


Edinburgh: Druids of Caledon

Dunedin Druid Grove

Kippen: An Ceile De

Orkney: Spiritual Orkney


Cheshire: Can y Gwynt Grove

Anglesey Druid Order

Northern Europe

Denmark: International Grand Lodge

Iceland: International Grand Lodge

Norway: International Grand Lodge

Sweden: International Grand Lodge

Circle of Yggdrasil Seed Group

Red Mountain Seed Group

Switzerland: International Grand Lodge

Artio Seed Group

Central Europe

Austria: Danu Grove

Germany: International Grand Lodge

Erienhain am Donnersberg

Lindovicer Grove

Nemeton Dearraich

Barenwald Seed Group

Die Lindwuermer Seed Group

Noreia Seed Group

Southern Europe

France: La Clairiere de Carnutes

Altitona Seed Group

Greece: The Oak and the Moon Seed Group

The Fellowship of the Oak Seed Group

Italy: Bosco dei Noccioli

Cerchio Di Anu

Biancospino e la Quercia

Hypericum Seed Group

Cerchio di Arth Seed Group

La Radura Di Brighit

La Tor – Sentiero Druidico

Spain: San Lorenzo de El Escorial


Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

The Druid Network

Avalon Mystery School

Council of British Druid Orders

Durham: The Silver Bear Grove Seed Group

Essex: The Andraste Seed Group

Guildford: Pagans of the Gylden River

UK Meet up

Hertfordshire: Catuvellauni Grove Seed Group

Chiltern Nemoton Grove

Kent: Blean Forest Group

London: Woodland Witches

Earthstars Grove

London Tamesis Seed Group

Manchester: Setantii Grove

Nos Coryn Seed Group

Merseyside: Mersey Ravens Seed Group

Nottinghamshire: Corieltauvi Grove

Oxford: Nemeton of the Stars

Staffordshire: Hawk of the Chase Grove

Wiltshire: North Wiltshire Seed Group

Twrch Trwyth Seed Group

Worchestershire: Cornovii Grove


Alberta: Chinook Hills Grove



Australia: International Grand Lodge

New Zealand: International Grand Lodge

United States Northeast

International Grand Lodge

Conneticut: Charter Oak Grove


Maine: White Pine Pagans

The Grove of Four

Nemos Ognios

Maryland: Baltimore County Witches

Firedrake Center for the Arts

Cedarlight Grove

Oak and Eagle

San Frasach (In the Wilderness)

Massachusetts: Tribe of the Oak

Mystic River Grove

New Hampshire: Grove of the Golden Leaves

New Jersey: Song of Avalon

Grove of the Other Gods

New York: Fellowship of Isis

Three Rivers Grove

Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age

Apple Isle Grove

North Country Druids

Charmed by Star

Tear of the Cloud

Druid Clan of Dana

Muin Mound Grove

Henge of Keltria

Beautiful Rivers Grove

Our Whole Grove

Grove of Greenwood

Ohio: Stone Creed Grove

North Mysteries

Three Cranes

Three Roads

The 6th Night

Roan River

Columbus Ohio Witches

Pennsylvania: Columville Megalith Park

 Ancient Order of Druids in America

The Inner Path

Sassafras Grove

Whispering Lake Grove

Lehigh Valley Pagans

Vermont: Green Mountain Order

Virginia: Dragon Rose Grove

Grove of Seven Hills

United States Southeast

Florida: Circle of Sublime Elms

Ghost Orchid Grove

Georgia: Whispers in the Wood

Old Stone Grove

Grove of the Red Earth

Gryphon Song Clan

Louisiana: Highland Oak Nemeton

Bayou Grove

North Carolina: Tar River Druid Fellowship

Awen’s Light Group

Oak Hollow Druid Grove

Sylvan Celtic Fellowship

South Carolina: 

West Virginia: Henge of Keltria

United States Midwest

Arkansas: Congregation of the Ash

Ozark Druids

Illinois: Sinnissippi Tuath Grove

Raven Wood Grove

Wild Onion Grove

Indiana: Black Bear Grove

Iowa: Prairie Shadow Grove

Kansas: Bluestern Grove

Kentucky: Wildwood Grove

Michigan: Grove of the Midnight Sun

The Silver Branch

Shining Lakes

Cosan Mac Tire

Minnesota: Northern Roots Grove

Oakdale Grove Druids

Druids of the Mist

Missouri: Dogwood Grove

Bluestem Grove



North Dakota: 

Oklahoma: OKC Druids

OBOD Oklahoma

South Dakota: 

Tennessee: Druidry Nashville

Texas: River of Stars
Spirit of the Sycamore

Druids of Texas

Hearthstone Grove

San Antonia Meet Up

Congregation of the Oaks

Nine Waves Grove

Wisconsin: Whispering Spirits

United States Northwest

Reformed Druids

Reformed Druids of North America

Reformed Druids Gorsedd

California (Northern): Eureka Reformed Druids

Northern CA OBOD

Eternal Flame

Sacramento Grove of the Oak

Sierra Madrone Grove

Stockton ADF

Poison Oak Grove

Manannan Mac Lir

Protogrove of the Valley Oak

Idaho: The Box of Elder

Montana: Bright Falcon

Oregon: Triple Horses

Columbia Grove

Cascadia Sunstone

Vancouver Druids

Washington: Cascadia Grove

Cedar Grove

Grove of the Scarlet Oaks

Circle of Coll


United States Southwest

Ar nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship

Arizona: Circle of Flowing Truth

Arizona Valley Druid Gathering

Earth Love Fellowship

Crossroads Lyceum

Sonoran Sunrise Grove

California (Southern): SoCal Green Man Society

Antelope Valley Druids

Sleeping Dragon Grove

Star and Stone Druid Fellowship

San Diego Druidry

Coast Oak Grove

Colorado: Sisterhood of Avalon

The Treehenge Druidic Circle Grove

Hawaii: Maui Celtic

Nevada: Druids in Las Vegas

New Mexico: Sandia Mountain Grove

Utah: The Grove of Isis & Uta

South America

Nemeton Imbas